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New WPA-TPS Website

As you can see the new WPA-TPS Website is on line. With a totally different new look and feel. There is also new functionality, like the ability to search the whole site.

All information from the old site is still there. New information will be added frequently so please return to this website regularly.

For WPA-TPS members there is added functionality and extra content. The webmaster apologizes for the inconvenience regarding the registration. Every thing is solved now and there will be no more denial :)

We hope you will find this website useful. Comments, also from non members, are always welcome.

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  1. WPA-TPS Webmaster
    WPA-TPS Webmaster says:

    Dear members,

    At the startup of the WPA-TPS Website there where a few unresolved issues. I wanted to make it as easy as possible to register. Well that one bounced back, as you probably know because of te e-mail denying access to the site. After that it seemed impossible to update your profile. The Password had to be extremely difficult and you had to re-enter your e-mail address.

    After hard work and even a short website blackout (a thing I fear the most, just seeing “error” and not being able to get to the backbone. Long live FTP), all should work fine now. If you have any questions ore remarks regarding this website please let me know.

    With Kind Regards,
    Max Ostendorf
    WPA-TPS Webmaster

    PS. Many thanks to Henrik. His comments where very useful and helped a lot.

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