Gold Trophy

Winner of the Young Researcher Award

The Committee of the Board of the Transcultural Section of the World Psychiatric Association has agreed on the Winner of the Young Researcher Award. Regrettably, we needed some more time than expected.

In fact, there are two winners, of the ten manuscripts which were sent to us.

Charlotte Sonne

Marianne Kastrup, our vice-chair, is presenting the Young Researcher Award 2013 to Charlotte Sonne

The winner of the YRA will be Charlotte Sonne from Denmark, with her manuscript: Medical treatment of traumatised refugees. The committee concluded that this manuscript is quite a good review of the pharmacological treatment of a special group, and has many potentials to be published. She received the most points of the committee. In fact, the YRA was specially meant for researchers from LAMIC countries.

Ying Zhang

Ying Zhang, the winner of the Runner-Up Award with Xudong Zhao, her supervisor

The Committee  decided to give another Award, the Runner-Up Award, to Ying Zhang, from China, for her manuscript: A cross-cultural comparison of climacteric symptoms, help-seeking
behaviors and attitude towards menopause between Mosuo women and Han Chinese women. The committee concluded that this manuscript is original in its description of the Mosuo culture, and offers a good comparison between this culture and the Han Chinese culture, in an epidemiological study.

The prizes, a certificate and the amounts of money, € 1000,- for the winner, and € 500,- for the Runner up, will be given to Charlotte and to Ying in person.