Palace of the Parlement Bucharest

WPA Regional Congress 2013 Bucharest, Romania

“Facilitation Mental Health, Primary Care & Public Health Integration for Southeast Europe & Eurasia”

April 10 – 13, 2013

This unprecedented Congress is a sharply focused initiative of the World Psychiatric Association in collaboration with the Romanian Association of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, the National Society of Family Medicine and the Romanian Public Health and Health Management Association.

The congress has several concrete goals & objectives, as follows:

  • identify national and regional mental health, primary care & public health challenges
  • define the benefits of primary care, mental health & public health integration
  • share evidence of best practices & lessons learned
  • stimulate educational, research, services, and policy collaborations at national and regional levels and across the life cycle

Confirmed Keynote Lectures:

  • Prof Dilip Jeste (San Diego, USA)
    The Brain: Optimism, Wisdom and Resilience
  • Prof Hans-Jurgen Moeller (Munich, Germany)
    The Metabolic Syndrome: Family Medicine, Psychiatry & Public Health Integration
  • Prof Charles Nemeroff (Miami, USA)
    Heartache and Heartbreak: The Curious Relationship Between Depression and Cardiovascular Disorders
  • Prof Norman Sartorius (Geneva, Switzerland)
    Mental Health Care in General Medicine: Limits and Opportunities
  • Prof Igor Svab (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
    Integrating Primary Care, Mental Health & Public Health in Europe