gold-trophyTo enable experienced clinicians and/or academics from countries with limited available funds (defined by WHO as “D countries”) to  participate in WPA-TPS sponsored international conferences, and to present their  work relating to cultural psychiatry at WPA-TPS sponsored conferences.

Amount of the Award

WPA-TPS expects to be able to fund two Lectureship Awards in 2010 and also in 2011.

WPA-TPS will provide each Lectureship Award winner $ 1,300 or € 1,000 as part of an award ceremony during the conference for which the award is designated.  In addition, the award recepient’s conference registration fees will be waived.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria to be used are:

  • Demonstrated interest in transcultural psychiatry
  • Originality of topic of proposed presentation
  • Research quality (methods and design and significance of findings)
  • Career plans related to the field of transcultural psychiatry

A three-member WPA-TPS Awards Committee will select the WPA-TPS Lecturers and the Section Secretary will notify the Lectureship Award winners.


Psychiatrists and other clinicians and/or academics from countires with limited available funds (defined by WHO and WPA as “D countries”), who whould be unable to participate in WPA-TPS sponsored conferences without this WPA-TPS Lectureship Award.

Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted to the WPA-TPS Secretary no later than three months prior to the opening date of the specific WPA-TPS sponsored conference for which the WPA-TPS Lectureship Award is requested.

Application Requirements

  • Text of the abstract submitted to and accepted by the WPA-TPS sponsored conference Scientific Program Committee.
  • Letter of application describing the proposed presentation, as well as the candidate’s career plans related to the field of transcultural psychiatry.
  • Letter of support from candidate’s clinical or academic department head, or from a colleague familiar with the candidate’s professional work related to the field of transcultural psychiatry.

Post-Conference Requirements

  • Awardees will be expected to attend the entire meeting.
  • After the meeting, awardees will be expected to submit a two-page report to the WPA-TPS Secretary, describing their experience attending the conference. The report will be considered for publication in the WPA-TPS Newsletter.

Applications should be sent to: WPA-TPS Awards Committee.