Davor Mucic

Davor Mucic, MD

Davor Mucic, born in Former Yugoslavia 08.10.1962, became educated psychiatrist in Denmark in 2002., with special interest in treatment of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants via their respective mother tongue. Davor Mucic established Little Prince Psychiatric Centre, the only place in Denmark for refugees and migrants from Ex-Yugoslavia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa where the therapists speak the same languages as the clients.

The Centre has been frontier in developing of telepsychiatry in Denmark since 2000. More information is available on www.denlilleprins.org

In 2011 Davor Mucic launched Telemental Health Section within EPA (European Psychiatric Association).

In addition, Davor Mucic is a clinical lector on Danish Copenhagen University and reviewer for Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare as well as Editor-in-Chief on Edorium Journal of Psychiatry (http://www.edoriumjournalofpsychiatry.com/editorial-board.php).

Davor Mucic published a number of articles related to telepsychiatry development in Denmark e.g. scientific articles about the first international telepsychiatry in the world service as well as the first cross-cultural telepsychiatry service established in 2004 on Island Bornholm, where the service is still functioning, offering its cross-cultural patients mental health service via their own mothertongues.

Davor Mucic edited book ”e-Mental Health”, published by Springer in October 2015; see link: